ano safety cableYour garage is a great place for storage and other things you might use it for. With that being said it can also be a dangerous place when it comes to safety reasons. It’s a few things you want take under consideration when it comes to safety and security.

If you have small children make sure you keep them away from messing with the remote controls that’s use to operate the garage door. Kids like to play with these things.

Always do a monthly inspection to make sure there’s no wear and tear on your garage door. Check your door’s cables, springs, rollers and any other parts that may have wear and tear.

Test your garage door’s auto reverse by placing an object in the doors path to see if it reverses when it comes into contact with it. If not you need to call a professional technician to repair it. Also consider replacing the whole door if it’s really old, worn out and out of date.

Make sure you and your children are aware of the dangers of fingers being in between the door sections. Consider getting a panel that doesn’t pinch if you have small children.

Never leave your garage door partially open. This can put your home at rick for intruders jeopardizing your homes security. Also when the door is activated again it can come downward hitting an object of some sort that could possibly damage the door.

If you ever go on vacation always unplug the door opener so it’s not usable and never leave the remote inside your car. It’s becoming a trend for home invaders to steal people’s cars or the opener to gain access to people’s homes.

Never start or leave any car running while sitting inside a closed Garage. There have been many deaths that happen accidentally from doing this. When you leave a running car inside a garage that’s close you can easily fall asleep and suffocate from carbon monoxide coming for the car. You won’t even notice it before you fall unconscious and it’s to late.